Just a quick intro. My inspiration for the reading challenge came from a TED Talks video. I am a big fan of TED talks in general, but this one in particular really kept coming back to me for days and weeks afterwards. It was about a woman called Ann (you can go to her blog here). She explained how she set herself a reading challenge to read a book from every country. I really liked the idea, I suppose primarily because I could relate to her realisation that her reading hadn’t been quite so international up to that point.   
I was lucky enough to grow up in a household full of books. I’m from the United Kingdom, and perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly the majority of my reading material was written by British/Irish/North American writers. So I thought I’d try to change that a little: to read a book that comes from or is related in some way to each country in the world. That’s about 196 countries in total.    
I’m not going to set myself a time limit because I want to read the books for enjoyment, not just race through them (which I know I’d be inclined to do if I thought I was racing against the clock!).    

I am also interested in languages and words that are “borrowed” from other languages. From time to time I’ll write posts about my own language learning experiences and about interested word connections.

Wor(l)d travel minus the expense of a plane ticket! I’d be delighted to get any suggestions of global books that I can add to my “to read” list! Thanks for reading 🙂