This book has changed my life.

I can only suppose that the book was initially advertised to me because the writer is from Japan. And my laptop probably betrays my enthusiasm for all things Japanese and my reading history of being addicted to Murakami.

In any case, I stood firm for many months. Seeing the advert and ignoring it or shutting off my e-reader. But I was curious about the title. It seemed like a very strong claim, almost arrogant.

Finally I downloaded the book and read it in just four days. But the speed at which I read it is not the important bit. Something in the book really inspired me, the author is so compelling, that I felt I had to give it a try. That was three weeks ago.

I can only conclude that the title, however seemingly improbable, was factually accurate, not some false advertising. I loved the author’s philosophy.

I’ve been busily reorganising the small stuff in my life. And the bigger stuff has somehow become clearer. I don’t often think of myself as being materialistic as such, though I had accumulated a fair amount of clutter over the years. I prided myself on being able to move flats with just a (packed-to-bursting) car as opposed to getting a removal van. I moved to my current city with one large suitcase, one small suitcase, one backpack and one handbag. Two years on, and well I’d certainly added to my collection of items. So it’s been a useful step, actually almost therapeutic, to reassess where I am now. What my priorities are.

Now I just need to find a way of giving this book to people that are important to me in my life, in a way that they feel open to reading it, and not offending or insulted by the title! (Which is proving to be almost impossible…)

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