Pronunciation #1: “…fisioterap(e)uta”

As first impressions go, well, this wasn’t the best to give when speaking to my new flatmates. I was trying to say the word for physiotherapist. In the written form, the similarity of the two words were quite clear. However, the pronunciation was somewhat different. How was I to realise in that moment what a difference would be made by neglecting to pronounce the ‘e’ in fisioterapeuta? I unconsciously applied English pronunciation rules and thought that “physiotheraputa” would be close enough. Peuta as in like “pewter”.

Despite studying Spanish for four years at secondary school and somehow obtaining a GCSE in the language, I had unfortunately missed out on learning the more colourful words of Spanish. With my anglified pronunciation I had unknowingly referred to somebody as being  “physiobitch”…much to the amusement of my new flatmates!

As somebody that couldn’t claim to be shy about swearing in my first language, it was a surprise to me that I had a swear-shaped gap in my Spanish language abilities.The first of many gaffes in my naïve attempts to practice my new language.

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