Reading Goal: Go Global

My inspiration for this reading challenge comes from a video that I saw earlier this week. A woman called Ann set herself a reading challenge in 2012 to read a book from every country (though no necessarily set in the country itself). So I’ve decided to set myself a pretty crazy reading challenge: reading a book related to each country in the world. Which from the list I’m going to be using works out at 196 countries!

I’m going to make the challenge more flexible so that I will include books that are set in a country, not limited to the book or author actually being from that country. My list will be open to non-fictional works as well as biographical writing. For me, no unpublished or, if at all possible, self-published books (I want anyone to be able to follow my trail). It would feel more authentic to read books in the original language version, though given my current language abilities this challenge will be completed predominantly in English (ultimately using translated versions), with some attempts to read in Spanish (though this will require more time!)

Of course, there are a number of countries that I can already tick off. Books from my childhood and teenage years which brought to life countries I might never get to visit in person. For the rest of the countries, well, I could do with a bit of help! Though I do have some ideas jotted down, I am more than open to suggestions, which I will add here for the benefit of anyone who might want to come along with me on my epic read-trip (road-trip…read-trip… get it?!…oh dear).

I’ll try to write a quick note or at the very least give a star rating out of five for each of the books I read. I’ll try to link this to my account on Goodreads (a site which I’d definitely recommend for all bookworms!). Of course, my comments or reviews are not going to be sophisticated literary criticism, but more to give an idea someone who might be tempted to give the title a try an idea as to what it’s like to read.

So, here goes! World travel minus the expense of a travel ticket! Ha, wish me luck, and I’d be delighted to get any suggestions of global books that I can add to me “to read” list! 🙂

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