How I keep track of the books I’ve read

I am not a great one for keeping hold of books after I’ve read them. If I liked them a lot, I tend to want to share them with friends or family members. If I wasn’t impressed…I tend to pass them on to second-hand shops. I can’t bring myself to lie convincingly enough to persuade people I know to read them. But I guess that at least if a stranger contributes some monetary donation to a charity and dislikes the book as much as I did, the silver lining for both of us is that the charity has gained a little. Anyway, this tendency to not keep the books I read, has meant that over the years I sometimes half-forget titles, and almost always misremember the names of authors. It’s much trickier to give a recommendation of a book when I don’t have the information to hand.
So, I began using Goodreads as a way to rediscover the books I’d read. It has a clever way of predicting/suggesting what other books I might have read. Sometimes it isn’t right, but a lot of the time, it is spot on! I’m sort of hoping that now that I’m trying to read more internationally, that Goodreads might find it a little harder to place me…maybe my reading tastes will appear less predictable.
Another great feature on the site is that you can set yourself a reading challenge, for example to read 24 books in the year 2017. It’s surprisingly motivating to see a visual progression towards your reading goal.
If you’d like to find me on Goodreads, you can click here or just search for ‘wordtravel’.

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