The List: Planning Update

So, according to my Goodreads account, I’ve read somewhere in the region of 170 books in my life. That does involve counting some of my childhood favourites, but perhaps there are some half-forgotten books I read as a kid that haven’t made it onto my list on Goodreads. But just thinking of the statistics there, that’s only 7-8 books per year of my “independent-reader” life. So how am I going to manage 196 books?! Well, I’ve already got 18 covered, mental maths time… 196 – 18 = …178

When I’ve been talking about this aim to read more widely with family and friends, there have been some that suggest I should try to set myself a time goal. Some people are way too ambitious about my reading speed – just one year isn’t enough! I’m interested in this project, but I don’t want it to become a chore (which I am concerned it might do if I feel under too much time pressure).

In an unrelated challenge, last year, I set myself a modest goal to read one book per month – and I succeeded in this task. This year, in January, I set myself a goal of reading 18 books this year. So far I am on track. If I were to complete this “read the world” project at a speed of 18 books per year, then it’d take almost ten years! So perhaps I can try to increase that, possible a rate of 24 books per year would be still somewhat realistic – that’d take seven years to get around the world.

In general, I read short story book much faster than novels. I’m thinking it might be a strategic advantage to try to include a decent amount of short story collections in this reading quest. Possibly comic fiction too.

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